Rahul is a Musician and an Educator .

He conducts bamboo music workshops with Pearl Academy and other organisations such as Arts-Glacerhi , Lost and Found Trust and The Tadpole Repertory. These workshops intend to give an introduction in Tabla and many tribal musical instruments. He also does voice exercises and teaches simplistic bamboo crafting techniques to create musical instruments for community engagements like songs, poetry and theatre.

He has been awarded with a fellowship from sangeet natak akademi to study dhrupad under Ustad Wasifudeen Dagar . He has been studying pakhawaj with Pt Mohan Shyam Sharma since 2016 . His research about nathdwara tradition has provided him a melodic ear with complex rythms.

He is a post graduate in music (Tabla) from Kheragarh University chattisgarh . He did a 5 year advance diploma from Kathak Kendra where he studied Tabla under Shri Govind Chakrobarty . He was fortunate to learn the asthetics of Benaras Gharana under his guidance . His tonality and melodious tabla playing brings a soulful ambience to the performace .

He also studied Afro Rythms with Suchet malhotra , a renowned percussionist from Delhi His experience with his teacher gave him experience to the contemporary world of arts. He was taught Aborignal and African Rythms in a traditional Indian way . The connection between the ancient and contemporary gave him indepth knowledge of world rythms .

He has also professionally accompanied contemporary dancers in concerts, such as the renowned contemporary Flamenco dancer – Annalouise Paul in Zorba, New Delhi; and the Japanese contemporary dancer Yuko Harada in Lodhi, New Delhi . 

2015, he  finished an year long music Fellowship called Dharmasiswa in Java, Indonesia . It was awarded by the ministry of culture , indonesia . During this time he learned their classical music called  the  Gamelan . His focus was degung from west java . During this time he also learned to craft instruments with Bamboo . Slowly he was building different instruments with bamboo and became an expert in working with sound and bamboo .  His feng shui windchimes are very effective in spreading good energy and peace in a space . 

2016 he was part of an Indo-pakistan and German collaboration called OVERxCOME where he was invited by the Pinakothek Moderne Museum, Munich, Germany . He was sharing his knowledge from south east asia and india during this residency with fellow artists and also learned sound painting with many other tools for interaction . 

Rahul has conducted workshops at Ethno – An International World Music Exchange Programme organised by one of the worlds’ biggest music N.G.O.s called Jeunesses Musicales. For more information, look at http://www.ethno-world.com. His first ethno was Ethno denmark 2013 . Later he participated in Ethno India 2015 . Currently he has been volunteering with Ethno india and helping them organise Ethno in India . Ethno has provided him great knowledge about world music from different parts of the world .